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Selenium Sulphide 1 %, conditioner and PH adjuster

Seleno care is the gold standard that contains selenium Sulphide 1 % an antifungal agent which acts against Malassezia and dermatophytes as well as a cytostatic agent that slows the growth of hyperproliferative cells of the scalp

Seleno care cleanses the hair from oil and dirt without causing hair dryness due to its powerful conditioning content

Topical application of Seleno care shampoo on the skin is first line treatment of tinea versicolor ensuring fast acting and well tolerated effect

Seleno care reduces scalp irritation, itching and inflammation

Seleno care softens, moisturizes and deodorizes your hair leaving a long lasting fresh smell

Seleno care adjusts the PH of the scalp to 5-6.5

Seleno care is suitable for men and women and for all hair types

  1. dandruff
  2. seborrheic dermatitis
  3. tinea capitis and tinea versicolor

Shake the bottle well before use

In dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis and tinea capitis:

Apply three times weekly for the first two weeks. Then twice weekly for the next two weeks

And then once weekly for the next two weeks

And then once monthly to avoid recurrence

In tinea versicolor:

Apply once daily for a week and then repeat once monthly for three months to avoid relapse

Avoid direct contact with the eyes and gold jewellery.

Avoid application on wounded skin

150 ml

Store at temperature not exceeding 25 o C

Keep out of reach of children

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