About Interpharma UK

Interpharma UK is a well known pharmaceutical and cosmetic company which was established in Egypt. Our main office is situated in Cairo; we manufacture a number of pharmaceutical products, food supplements and cosmetic products in Egypt for global export.

Interpharma UK is a reputable company which aims to provide consumers with a comprehensive range of quality products at value for money prices.


The story of Interpharma UK began with the launch of a single antioxidant product. Since then the company has gone from strength to strength with an expanding range of many different vitamins, minerals, herbal and nutrient formulas, skin care, body care items and cosmetics.


Interpharma UK serves consumers with high quality pharmaceutical products at affordable prices.

Our production lines are sourced from the United Kingdom and our products are produced according to cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) in our Egyptian Plant .

Interpharma UK always welcomes new partnerships and business relations in the frame of win- win strategy.

Interpharma UK holds at least two conferences annually to provide an opportunity to update delegates with academic, scientific and clinical knowledge as well as facilitating networking with other members of the medical and scientific community worldwide, while providing continuing medical accreditation.


Interpharma UK is committed to the continuous development of innovative, high quality healthcare products.

All products have been researched and formulated in consultation with a range of specialists from nutritionists to pharmacists and skilled technicians.