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Selenium ACE tablets Featured

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Composition :

Selenium (enriched yeast)     55 ug

Vitamin A (B carotene- retinol )    1500 IU

Vitamin C              90 mg

Vitamin E              22 IU

Selenium ACE film coated tablets provide the body with essential antioxidants that can not be made by our body and must be supplied from outside

Selenium ACE tablets prevent cellular damage by eliminating free radicals, and harmful oxidants through the synergistic effect of selenium, vitamin A, C and E

Selenium ACE film coated tablets are well absorbed and well tolerated for long term use

Selenium ACE film coated tablet is characterized by its antioxidant effect intracellularly and extracellularly due to its contents of fat soluble and water soluble antioxidants and thus ensuring the maximum protection over the whole body

Selenium ACE film coated tablets are very effective in preventing degenerative diseases accompanied by old age and guarantee best results for male and female fertilization

  1. Eye diseases: macular degeneration, cataract, diabetic eye retinopathy, glaucoma, grave's eye disease and retinitis pigmentosa
  2. Male infertility: oligospermia, asthenospermia and teratospermia
  3. Recurrent miscarriage and threatened abortion
  4. Preterm birth and preeclampsia
  5. Immunity improvement in immunocompromised patients and in cancer patients
  6. Support heart, liver and kidney functions

One film coated tablet per day

Selenium ACE tablet does not contain any problem regarding the safety and there are no known side effects

Carton box of 30 film coated tablets in 3 strips

Store in dry place at temperature not exceeding 30 o C

Keep out of reach of children

Note :

This product is manufactured in Egypt under license of Wassen International limited in UK

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