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Cod primrose capsules

Composition :

Each soft gelatin capsule contains:

Cod liver oil           500 mg

Which provides:

Vitamin A              5000 IU

Vitamin D              500 IU

Omega 3:

EPA                   35 mg

DHA                   30 mg

Evening primrose oil      500 mg

Which provides:

GLA                    45 mg

Vitamin E           10 mg

Cod primrose soft gelatin capsule is a combination of pure cod liver oil and evening primrose oil which are good sources of omega 3 and omega 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids respectively

Cod primrose contains vitamin D3 (the active form of vitamin D) and also contains antioxidant vitamins A and E to maintain freshness and purity

  1. Effective in hyperlipidemia as it lowers both triglyceride and cholesterol blood levels
  2. Reduces inflammation due to the effect of anti- inflammatory prostaglandins derived from omega 3 and 6
  3. Reduces hot flushes and improves bad mood swings caused by menopause
  4. Helps calcium and phosphorus absorption and minimizes the risk of osteoporosis
  5. Ensures excellent healthy skin
  6. Effective in relieving annoying premenstrual symptoms such as mastalgia, irritability, fluid retention, abdominal cramps and depression.
  1. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
  2. Postmenopausal symptoms
  3. Psoriasis
  4. Hyperlipidemia

One capsule daily with meal

Cod primrose capsule does not contain any problem regarding the safety and there are no known side effects

Carton box of 20 soft gelatin capsules in 2 strips

Store in dry place at temperature not exceeding 30 o C

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Efalex liquid

Composition :

Each 5 ml of Efalex liquid contains:

-High DHA fish oil          640 mg

Rigel evening primrose oil         213 mg

DL- alpha tocopherol acetate (E 1000 EP) (Equivalent to 7.82 mg vitamin E)         15.65 mg

Thyme oil           0.4 mg

This product contains no yeast, no sugar or milk derivatives, no artificial colors or preservatives

A unique combination of fish oil and Evening Primrose Oil providing the important nutrients DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid), EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid), GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) and AA(Arachidonic Acid)

Efalex provides the body with essential long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids DHA and AA which are the most abundant fatty acids in the brain and retina

Supplies DHA and AA - important building blocks of the brain, nervous system and eye

Provides EPA & GLA - needed in the transmission of messages between nerves

Efalex is a combination of omega 3 and omega 6 along with powerful antioxidants Vitamin E and thyme oil providing maximum protection and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin

  1. Support all aspects of brain and eye function
  2. Autism , ADHD, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia
  3. Poor immunity
  4. Learning difficulties and lack of concentration
  5. Delayed speech
  6. Atopic dermatitis

Children 2-5 years old:1 teaspoon (5ml) per day with food or drink

Adults and children aged 5 years and over:Two teaspoons (10ml) per day with food or drink

Shake the bottle before use

If taking this product for the first time, double the dosage for an initial 12 weeks

The higher initial daily intake is recommended to help optimize the body’s store of important nutrients

The amounts may be taken half in the morning and half at night

Efalex contains active ingredients that work with your body over time; you may need to take for up to 3 months, before experiencing the full benefits

Efalex does not contain any problem regarding the safety

Very rare digestive upsets can usually be eliminated by taking Efalex Omega-3 + 6 with food and/or reducing the dose for a week and then slowly re-introducing the correct dosage

People who take the product on an empty stomach tend to have more digestive side effects

Precautions :

Efalex liquid should be used with caution in :

-seizures accompanied with schizophrenia

- Hemolytic cases.

Bottle of 120 ml with lemon and lime flavor

Store at temperature not exceeding 30 oC

Keep out of reach of children

Note :

This product is manufactured in Egypt under license of Wassen International limited in UK


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