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Composition :

Selenium amino acid chelate, vitamin A, stay C, vitamin E, emollients, humectants and emulsifiers

The antioxidant benefits of the essential trace mineral selenium and vitamins A, C and E are now available in a unique skin cream

Selenium and vitamins A, C and E help protect the skin from the damaging effects of "free radicals" Free radicals are potentially toxic substances produced by our bodies and through exposure to sunlight and pollution

Antioxidant nutrients are able to quench free radicals before they can damage cells or tissues. Selenium ACE cream counteracts the premature ageing of the skin caused by photo damage, oxidative stress and facial expressions

The stable form of vitamin C (stay C) ensures the stability and effect over the shelf life.

Selenium ACE cream formula is non greasy, well absorbed and compatible with all skin types.

  1. skin wrinkles and facial expression lines
  2. skin dryness

Apply in the evening on the face and the neck

Selenium ACE cream does not contain any problem regarding the safety and there are no known side effects

Tube of 50 gm

Store in dry place at temperature not exceeding 30 o C

Composition :

Each soft gelatin capsule contains:

Cod liver oil           500 mg

Which provides:

Vitamin A              5000 IU

Vitamin D              500 IU

Omega 3:

EPA                   35 mg

DHA                   30 mg

Evening primrose oil      500 mg

Which provides:

GLA                    45 mg

Vitamin E           10 mg

Cod primrose soft gelatin capsule is a combination of pure cod liver oil and evening primrose oil which are good sources of omega 3 and omega 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids respectively

Cod primrose contains vitamin D3 (the active form of vitamin D) and also contains antioxidant vitamins A and E to maintain freshness and purity

  1. Effective in hyperlipidemia as it lowers both triglyceride and cholesterol blood levels
  2. Reduces inflammation due to the effect of anti- inflammatory prostaglandins derived from omega 3 and 6
  3. Reduces hot flushes and improves bad mood swings caused by menopause
  4. Helps calcium and phosphorus absorption and minimizes the risk of osteoporosis
  5. Ensures excellent healthy skin
  6. Effective in relieving annoying premenstrual symptoms such as mastalgia, irritability, fluid retention, abdominal cramps and depression.
  1. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
  2. Postmenopausal symptoms
  3. Psoriasis
  4. Hyperlipidemia

One capsule daily with meal

Cod primrose capsule does not contain any problem regarding the safety and there are no known side effects

Carton box of 20 soft gelatin capsules in 2 strips

Store in dry place at temperature not exceeding 30 o C

Composition :

Each tablet contains:

Vitamin B1            50 mg

Vitamin B2            50 mg

Vitamin B3          50 mg

Vitamin B6         50 mg

Vitamin C         120 mg

Folic acid          50 ug

Vitamin B12      10 ug

Biotin               50 ug

Pantothenic acid        50 mg

Iron (as ferrous gluconate)       5 mg

Choline bitartrate          50 mg

Inositol            50 mg

PABA               50 mg

Strong B 50 tablet is a combination of essential water-soluble B vitamins playing a key role in body metabolism

These B vitamins are involved in the release of energy and maintain a healthy nervous system and skin

Strong B 50 is formulated to relieve pain, weakness and numbness in diabetic neuropathy and peripheral neuritis. It is also essential for growth and reproduction of red blood cells and thus preventing and /or treating anemia through its contents of vitamin B6, B12, folic acid and iron

These B vitamins improve the total well being and face all stress forms

  1. Peripheral neuritis
  2. Diabetic neuropathy
  3. Any neurological disorder
  4. Anemia
  5. Stressed working people

One film coated tablet daily

Strong B 50 prolonged release tablet does not contain any problem regarding the safety and there are no known side effects

Carton box of 20 film coated tablets in 2 strips

Store in dry place at temperature not exceeding 30 o C

Keep out of reach of children

Description :

Silica-OK contains a balanced combination of nutrients in a single tablet. The trace minerals selenium and zinc are included to contribute to the maintenance of normal hair and nails

Also included in Silica-OK are key B vitamins, such as riboflavin (B2) and biotin which play a role in the maintenance of normal skin, as well as vitamin E which contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

Vitamin C has been added to contribute to normal collagen formation; collagen is a principal part of our skin and connective tissue.

  One tablet provides %NRV*
Vitamin A 166µg RE 21
(from Beta-carotene) 1mg -
Vitamin E 5mg α-TE 42
Vitamin C 20mg 25
Thiamin (Vitamin B1) 1.4mg 127
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 1.6mg 114
Vitamin B6 2mg 143
Biotin 150µg 300
Zinc 2mg 20
Selenium 25µg 45
Also provides    
Organic-form Silica from Bamboo 8mg -
of which Silicon 3.7mg -

*Nutrient Reference Value formally known as RDA

mg = milligram

µg = microgram RE = retinol equivalents

α-TE = d-alpha tocopherol equivalents

1 or 2 tablets per day to be swallowed with liquid after food

Contains No:

  1. Gluten-containing ingredients
  2. Dairy and lactose

Keep out of the sight and reach of young children


Suitable for vegetarians

Composition :

Selenium Sulphide 1 %, conditioner and PH adjuster

Seleno care is the gold standard that contains selenium Sulphide 1 % an antifungal agent which acts against Malassezia and dermatophytes as well as a cytostatic agent that slows the growth of hyperproliferative cells of the scalp

Seleno care cleanses the hair from oil and dirt without causing hair dryness due to its powerful conditioning content

Topical application of Seleno care shampoo on the skin is first line treatment of tinea versicolor ensuring fast acting and well tolerated effect

Seleno care reduces scalp irritation, itching and inflammation

Seleno care softens, moisturizes and deodorizes your hair leaving a long lasting fresh smell

Seleno care adjusts the PH of the scalp to 5-6.5

Seleno care is suitable for men and women and for all hair types

  1. dandruff
  2. seborrheic dermatitis
  3. tinea capitis and tinea versicolor

Shake the bottle well before use

In dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis and tinea capitis:

Apply three times weekly for the first two weeks. Then twice weekly for the next two weeks

And then once weekly for the next two weeks

And then once monthly to avoid recurrence

In tinea versicolor:

Apply once daily for a week and then repeat once monthly for three months to avoid relapse

Avoid direct contact with the eyes and gold jewellery.

Avoid application on wounded skin

150 ml

Store at temperature not exceeding 25 o C

Keep out of reach of children

Composition :

Each Efalex soft gelatin capsule contains:

High DHA fish oil         294.2 mg

Rigel evening primrose oil       110.13 mg

DL- alpha tocopherol acetate (E 1000 EP) (Equivalent to 7.9 IU vitamin E)         7.9 mg

Thyme oil       1 mg

This product contains no yeast, no sugar or milk derivatives, no artificial colors or preservatives

A unique combination of fish oil and Evening Primrose Oil providing the important nutrients DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid), EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid), GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) and AA(Arachidonic Acid)

Efalex provides the body with essential long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids DHA and AA which are the most abundant fatty acids in the brain and retina

  1. Supplies DHA and AA - important building blocks of the brain, nervous system and eye
  2. Provides EPA & GLA - needed in the transmission of messages between nerves
  3. contains vitamin E and thyme oil, powerful antioxidantsproviding maximum protection and - anti-inflammatory effects on the skin
  4. Produces anti-inflammatory prostaglandins that have important role in alleviating morning stiffness in rheumatoid arthritis
  1. Support all aspects of brain and eye function
  2. Cognitive decline
  3. Dementia and Alzheimer
  4. Poor immunity
  5. Learning difficulties and lack of concentration
  6. Rheumatoid arthritis
  7. Dry eye
  8. Depression especially postpartum depression

2 capsules twice daily with food or drink

Efalex contains active ingredients that work with your body over time; you may need to take for up to 3 months, before experiencing the full benefits

Efalex does not contain any problem regarding the safety

Very rare digestive upsets can usually be eliminated by taking Efalex Omega-3 + 6 with food and/or reducing the dose for a week and then slowly re-introducing the correct dosage

People who take the product on an empty stomach tend to have more digestive side effects

Efalex capsules should be used with caution in :

-seizures accompanied with schizophrenia

- Hemolytic cases.

Jar of 30 soft gelatin capsules

Store at temperature not exceeding 30 oC

Keep out of reach of children

Note :

This product is manufactured in Egypt under license of Wassen International limited in UK

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